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From the wife of a U.S. Navy veteran


Mr. Weathers –

As a Military Spouse, I cannot tell you how much the generosity of your group can impact a military family in need.  As my husband moved up through the ranks and I committed to assisting the spouses and families during deployments – it was heartbreaking to see so many families, with so little.  Those surviving on just the basics, and many of those being provided by assistance organizations.  Especially, the lower ranking service members who are not accommodated in their pay for housing and families.  Yet, their sacrifice on behalf of our great nation is exactly the same as those that are compensated. 

I am truly proud to assist your group in this endeavor and am so grateful for all of the hard work and time you have committed to making a HUGE impact in the lives of service members in our Community.

With Gratitude,


(Proud Wife of MMCS Thomas Miller, USN (ret.)


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