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Undisclosed Recipients for Confidentiality Reasons



These stories were provided to WSMGA by  the "NCNG and Veteran's". We thank them for sharing with us so you can understand what the needs are and how your donations are being put to good use.


Story 1:

From SAAF - Dennis Roach

Received this note this morning from one of our Soldiers that has deployed 4 times.  Two days after he purchased his home, his company had a layoff and he was one of those sent home.



Dear Mr. Roach,



   I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance in helping my family with the $1,000 grant to help with our bills during this time of need.... It was such a blessing and a big relief when I opened the mail to see this wonderful check... The grant helped pay my current electric bill, car payment and my mortgage on my home... Please tell everyone in your programs that I am so grateful for everything that they do for the soldiers of North Carolina and America...




Once thank you from my kids and myself.... I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!!! 


We could not have helped this Soldier without your support. As always, thank you for caring.


Story 2:


 Guardsman deployed to the Middle East received word that his 9 year sister had been hit by a car getting off a bus, seriously injured and was in a coma at Duke Hospital.  Upon his return home, he found out that his parents were staying at Duke and were having issues paying their lodging bill. He took his travel money and gave to his parents to help pay for theirlodging/meals. The Soldiers Fund provided funds to the Soldier and his family.


Story 3:

A veteran who had just retired developed brain cancer and was confined to a wheel chair.  His family could not afford to have a ramp built and asked for assistance to help make it easier for him to leave his home to go to his doctor's appointments. The Soldiers Fund provided the building materials and coordinated the construction of the ramp by a local
organization.  Sadly, two weeks after the ramp was built he passed away.


Story 4:

Soldier who had deployed three times was involved in a hit and run accident while riding his motorcycle two blocks from his home. He sustained several injuries and was transferred to Winston Salem Hospital for treatment.  His wife had to leave work without pay, two small children and they were concerned about their house payment and money while they stayed
with him.  The Soldiers Fund paid his mortgage and provided funds for food and lodging for the family.


Story 5:


Young Soldier who had just returned from deployment was diagnosed with Stage 3 leukemia and was scheduled to go to Duke for a bone marrow transplant.  He could not work, his mother was overwhelmed with their bills and did not have the money to take leave from work to stay with him during at the hospital. The Soldiers Fund paid for their rent, transportation costs and lodging so she could be with him.


Story 6:

Soldier returned from his second deployment and one month later he was injured while working.  Five children, wife did not work and his landlord would not work with him on his rental payment.  The doctors told the Soldier that he would not be able to return to his work for 6 weeks.  Workman's Compensation would not cover the bills. We contacted his landlord and paid his rental payment for two months.



Story 7:

Soldier returned from deployment only to find his spouse and all of his possession gone.  Truck sold, his bank accounts closed and his small child left with a neighbor. Authorities told him that his estranged wife had been involved with drugs and left town.  She sold everything to support her habit.  His family could not help him so the Soldiers Fund provided him
funds for his child, lodging, clothing and food.



Story 8:

Soldier returned from deployment and could not find a job. He exhausted his savings and his family was facing eviction from his home and their utilities had been cut off and they had little money for food.  The Soldiers Fund paid his rent, his utility bill and gave them funds for food.  We also referred him to Family Support for other agency support and to the NC
National Guard Employment Section to help him find a job.



Story 9:


Soldier returned from deployment and was unable to find a job.  He lived with his parents and for some reason they told him to leave home.  He living out of his car while parked at a Walmart shopping center with no money for
food and gas to search for a job.  The unit contacted us and we made arrangements for him to stay at the armory, gave him money for food and gas, referred him to the Employment section and Family Support.


Story 10:


Double amputee veteran, released from the Guard two years ago, with two small children, has been going through some financial and medical struggles recently.  The SAAF gave him a $2,500.00 wounded warrior grant to help with
his bills and to ensure his family enjoyed a nice Christmas holiday.  

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