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Berton - Day 1

Day 1 of the ride:

Great first day! We did 45 miles. 6100 feet of elevation starting in Nice, France , through town to the Mediterranean Sea and through the sub Alp mountains. Challenged by the 20 plus pounds of weight we carry on each bike as everything we need had to take with us. Bike problem with spoke on one wheel but working our way through. Just finished with a swim in the beautiful Esteron, a mountain stream running near our lodging. Have met a lot of great French folks along the way who gave us tips and directions. Had lunch at the top of the mountains with a great panoramic view of the valley and river. Bertrand, our local friend, has been so helpful in every regard - from getting us housing at a friend's house in Nice to translating everything for us. Hard to describe the local feel and vibe you get biking in these rural areas. It is so pleasant and nice. Staying in a camp-like site tonight and hand-washing our clothes for what tomorrow brings.

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