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Berton Ride - Day 1 Update

Update: Day 1, evening update

One team member was suffering somewhat from dehydration; fortunately, with a lot of water and a little nap, he recovered nicely, only to witness another rider suffer a leg cramp during dinner! Fortunately, my wife Julie and daughter Jordan sent me overseas with mustard packets - mustard helps cure muscle cramps. Our hobbled teammate ate the mustard packet, walked about a bit, and recovered fully! Was it the walk, or was it the mustard? Who knows, but I don't think they call it French's mustard for nothing..... Clearly the amount of climbing has a greater impact on our stamina than the miles covered. Such is the way with biking. Enjoyed great pizza at a local restaurant. Dinner and next day's breakfast was only 40 euros although sleeping was a little hard with no air for the downstairs crew. Picture of room included. Also an animal visited my window in the middle of the night (cat? raccoon?) With a little less sleep than desired to start Day 2

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