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Berton Ride - Day 2

Cheers to Laura, the wife of our French friend David, who drove David all the way from Nice to meet us bright and early to start Day 2. So now our team is complete with six riders including two from France - Bertrand says no longer can the Americans gang up on the French contingent! A bit shorter day today, a good thing after the big climb on Day 1. 25 miles with 2,700 ft of elevation. All team members departed and arrived in good health despite the "alpha male" propensity to climb the hills faster than our abilities. There were incredibly scenic vistas around every curve with a few treacherous sections along the cliffs. We made our way from Roquesteron to Entrevaux, a beautiful medieval village set in a crook of the Var River. We arrived around noon and had a picnic lunch in town. We ate some delicious sandwiches that David bought called Pan Bagnat, and those along with some cold beers set us right for a long trek up the cobbled walkway to the Citadalle, a fort set high above the town. The views up and down the Var Valley were spectacular, as were the views of the quaint village far below the fortress. Beer is becoming a staple along with wine and the outstanding French bread. I'm not sure there is another American tourist around so we very much off the beaten trail. Accommodations are rustic and we continue to have a great time. Enjoy the pics!

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