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Berton Ride - Day 3

Day 3 - You Can't Spell "Upstream" without "Up!" (A quick editorial note: Teammate Max has become editor and chief blogger, and has been helpful by reminding me of various events of the day, and by tidying up my writing here and there. Thanks, teammate!) Today we rode along the Var River from Entrevaux to the hamlet of Entraunes, a lovely place just a few short kilometers south of the source of the Var. We rode 26 miles up the river valley - just over 4,000 feet - and there were spectacular views around every curve. In particular the ride through the Daluis gorge was breathtaking. We must have stopped six or seven times to take pictures. See for yourself below, but I am not sure the pictures do any justice.

Our French friends tell us that we have left the "junior alps" and have entered the real deal. All of this is in preparation for our long climb up the highest paved road in all of Europe, Col De La Bonnette, on Wednesday.

As beautiful as today's ride was, it was not for the timid; not only was it strenuous, but the high elevations reminded folks like me that the consequences of straying from the center of the lane could be dire indeed! Fortunately no one came close to that. After a great lunch in Entraunes we hiked to a lovely waterfall. Tomorrow's weather calls for rain but, much like the postal service, we will carry on! Cheers

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