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Berton Ride - Day 8

We woke Saturday to another brilliant day in Nice. Our hostess Carolyn brought us fresh baguettes to eat with breakfast, and we were all packed and ready to go at 11:00. We all said goodbye to Bertrand, David, their families, and to Carolyn. Bertrand drive us to the airport in Nice, and a few short hours later, we were in Munich on our way to the main train station with all our luggage in tow. We picked up our rental bikes - maybe 10 or 15 pounds heavier, but very sturdy - without incident at the station, and shortly thereafter we met Thomas, our German friend, who drove us to his lovely home in Hohenschäftlarn, about 25 minutes south of Munich. When we arrived, we met his family, and his wife, Susi ,and two daughters were dressed in their dirndls, the traditional folk attire of they looked extremely lovely. They served us a late lunch. The entire family made us feel welcome and their smiles added to welcoming. After the meal with Thomas and his family, we walked directly across the small street to a big, decorated barn where a community fest was taking place. There were grills outside full of sausages, there were kegs of beer, a big community oompah band, and people all over dressed in traditional lederhosen and dirndl. We enjoyed the wonderful party and the strong sense of community. Then, to bed!

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