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We Care for Military 2014 - Mission Accomplished






















From Jim Weathers:

As most of you know by now, our We Care tournament this year raised over $100k in revenue.  After expenses we were able to earmark $75k for our sponsored charities.  We decided a couple of weeks ago that we would donate $45K to the SAAF of which the bulk of the funds would go toward the NCNG’s Operation Christmas Child.  We decided to increase the scholarship fund donation from the $10k we made last year to $20k this year.  Last and not least we will be making a donation to the RDU USO of $10k.


Yesterday a few of us went out to the NCNG Headquarters.  We made a check presentation to the NCNG and the SAAF.  I am attaching to this note a copy of the picture from yesterday.  In the photo from left to right are Major General Lusk, Dick Hummel, Jay Eggenberger, myself, SM Dennis Roach, Brig General (Ret) Iwan Clontz and Bob Bartholomew.  I wish everyone could have been there.  We were extremely surprised by the welcome and the turnout of people who were there to thank us.   We even met the lady who runs the Operation Christmas Child for the Guard and as you can imagine she was extremely grateful.  You can tell that our donation, made possible by McConnell Golf, our many sponsors and volunteers, means a great deal to these soldiers and their families.


Thanks again to everyone for all of the hard work that made this event so successful this year, without your efforts, this would not be possible.

Jim Weathers - Chairman of WSMGA We Care for Military- Presenting 2014 Donation to SAAF. Pictured left to right: Major General Lusk, WSMGA-WCFM Dick Hummel, WSMGA-WCFM Jay Eggenburger, WSMGA-WCFM Jim Weathers, SM Dennis Roach, Brig General(Ret) Iwan Clontz, and WSMGA-WCFM Bob Bartholomew.

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